INFICON was formed in June 2000 from the instrumentation businesses of three well-known international vacuum technology companies merged in 1996 under the Swiss company OC Oerlikon (formerly known as Unaxis). Our initial public offering was November 9, 2000, both on SIX Swiss Exchange and NASDAQ. In 2005, INFICON delisted its stock from NASDAQ. INFICON started to pay out dividends in 2006.



  • CHF 10.00 distribution per share for 2010 from legal reserves from capital contributions
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  • Quantus LP100 for real-time contamination and endpoint detection for critical process environments
  • Cygnus 2 Thin Film Depositon Controller with unique features designed for OLED processes
  • Pernicka 700H leak detector combining mass spectrometer expertise with cryogenic ultra-high vacuum
  • Sensistor Hydrogen leak detector family
  • Photovac ComboPro 2020, an intrinsicallysafe, versatile VOC Photoionization Detector 
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  • New sales location in Italy
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  • Hydrogen leak detection specialist Adixen Scandinavia AB from Pfeiffer Vacuum
  • Assets of VOC detection specialist Photovac Inc. 
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