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Mobile or stationary air-conditioning systems and their components must be checked for possible leaks in the preliminary test and final assembly. Refrigerant losses are responsible not only for a poor or a lack of cooling capacity of the units, but also for the environment. For this reason, the requirements of the applicable regulations for leak tests for air conditioning systems are steadily increasing. With INFICON leak detectors, you can find leaks quickly and safely, both in the production and in the service case.
On the one hand, there are no hermetically sealed air-conditioning systems in the opinion of many specialists. The refrigerant also escapes through the piping and hose system, screw connections, sealing rings and the simmering ring of the climate compressor, even from intact systems. On the other hand, air-conditioning systems may only lose a few grams of refrigerant per year to function properly. The detection and removal of even the smallest leaks is therefore becoming increasingly important.
Leak detectors without cross sensitivities
With the INFICON leak detectors, the detection of very small leakages is not a problem - without cross-sensitivity to foreign gases, For example, oil fumes or plastic evaporation, but also to ambient air and to cleaning agents. The INFICON mobile or stationary leak detection systems are extremely easy to use, which means that they can be used to avoid unwanted uses or user errors.
The product range ranges from very sensitive Multigas sniffer leak test devices to leak detectors with hydrogen or helium as test gas and ultrasound leak detectors for the service case. They are used for all processes in climatic engineering - during assembly, quality control or maintenance of installed equipment and systems. With them, components and assemblies as well as complete systems of air conditioning systems can be checked reliably and precisely.
Your benefits at a glance

  • Detecting even the smallest leaks
  • Compliance with legally required standards and regulations
  • Environmental protection through dense and safe components
  • Fulfillment of quality requirements
  • Image upgrade by reliable leak test
  • Process optimization in production
  • Lower energy consumption, since no refrigerant loss
  • Optimal cooling performance, since no refrigerant loss
  • Easy handling

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