Food and Packaging Industry


Did you know that approximately one third of all food packaging is leaking?* The most common causes of these leaks are in the sealing seam or in the packaging material itself. Innovative solutions are needed to detect even the smallest leaks rapidly and reliably.

Leaky food packaging results in contents that don’t reach the calculated shelf life or prematurely spoil. This leads to additional costs for returned goods, dissatisfied customers, and damage to reputations of food producers and the manufacturers of packing machines.

Leak Tester for Rapid Detection of Leaks
INFICON has many years of leak testing experience and has used this knowledge to address the requirements of the food and packaging industries. The innovative Contura S400 Leak Detector is based on INFICON expertise in leak detection. Its unique function principle requires no test gas and avoids damage to the tested packaging.

Advantages at a Glance
• Rapid and reliable leak testing of food packaging
• Reduction in rates of complaint and processing costs
• Reputation protection through consistent durable goods and defect-free packaging
• INFICON experts that support you in optimizing your quality management regarding leak testing 

*Source: Market study by the OFI Packaging Institute


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