Manufacturers and operators of refrigerators and freezers have to face increasing demands on environmental protection and operational safety. The extensive international standards and regulations on the tightness of refrigerant systems are continually being revised and consistently stricter. The stated goal that refrigerants should not be released into the atmosphere can be achieved through the use of INFICON leak detectors.

Whether in the production, installation or periodic maintenance of refrigeration plants, freezers, refrigerators, refrigeration units, minibars, etc., must be tested for leaks and the results recorded.

With INFICON's extensive range of measurement products, you are keeping strict regulations, minimizing customer complaints requirements and ensuring your image as a quality supplier of long-lasting, reliable and high-quality refrigeration systems.

Leak detectors for refrigeration technology

The INFICON leak detectors detect even the smallest leaks. They are designed for practical use and are extremely easy to use, whether it is a mobile or stationary leak detector. HFC, CO2 and combustible refrigerants as well as helium and hydrogen can be directly detected without cross-sensitivity to ambient air or detergents.

Product solutions for all processes in refrigeration plants

INFICON's sensitive leak detectors are used during assembly, quality control during and after production and maintenance. With them, components and assemblies as well as complete systems of refrigeration systems can be reliably and accurately verified.
Your benefits at a glance

  • Detecting even the smallest leaks
  • Compliance with legally required standards and regulations
  • Environmental protection through dense and safe components
  • Fulfillment of quality requirements
  • Image upgrade by reliable leak test
  • Process optimization in production
  • Lower energy consumption, since no refrigerant loss
  • Easy handling

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