The semiconductor chip market is driven by an ever-increasing number of products with electronic content and by existing electronic products like cell phones, laptops and pad computers that have become more affordable, powerful, smaller and portable. To produce semiconductor chips, incredibly small electrical devices, billions per chip, are created through many repeated steps of vacuum processing. Fine layers and circuit patterns are reproduced in carefully controlled vacuum deposition and etch process steps. Vacuum processes are also used to change the electrical properties of device materials. As technology advances to create ever smaller more powerful and more affordable devices, the vacuum based process steps must advance as well.

INFICON offers a wide range of advanced measurement and control products, including residual gas analyzers, RF sensors, process control software, leak detectors, vacuum gauges and components, specifically designed for semiconductor tool makers to improve their products operation and their production processes. We also offer highly specialized solutions to semiconductor device makers to improve production yields, and tool up-time through optimized process monitoring, analysis and control.


FabGuard FDC

Software for Fab-Wide Fault Detection and Classification (FDC).

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Transpector MPH Residual Gas Analyzer

Unlock your process with unparalleled performance for increased yields and maximum uptime.
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