Recubrimiento al vacío industrial


Most people are not aware that vacuum coatings are used in many items we use everyday. In the optics industry, vacuum coatings are used to make eyeglasses, mirrors, windows and more. The display industry uses vacuum coatings to manufacture a wide range of items including cell phones and large displays in sporting arenas. Industrial vacuum coatings are also used for photocopier machines, rolls of paper and foil, and for jewelry. As advances are made in vacuum coatings, more accurate measurements and sophisticated control will be required. That is why INFICON continues to invest in the latest technologies and features that will bring thin film controllers and QCMs to the next level. With hundreds of quartz crystals and sensor heads for various applications, INFICON is the market leader for thin film controllers used in industrial vacuum coatings manufacturing. INFICON also supplies the vacuum coatings industry with a complete line of gas analysis instrumentation, vacuum gauges, vacuum components and helium leak detectors for any vacuum coating application.

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